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Connection to Viking culture in modern times

What are Viking symbols?
Viking symbols are ancient symbols based on Norse mythology that had a special meaning for the Vikings. These symbols played an important role in Viking society and lore as they represented Norse gods, beliefs and myths that were central to Viking culture.

For the Vikings, Norse symbols were a way of connecting with gods, destiny and spirituality. The Normans believed these symbols to have power and meaning, and they often appeared in Viking society as talismans of protection or strength.Norse symbols appear in one form or another on most Viking jewelry, and were also painted on shields, carved into Viking ships, and sewn onto clothing before battle. The Vikings believed that these symbols would help ensure that the gods and fate were on their side – and modern fans of Viking culture continue to ascribe meaning and power to these Old Norse symbols.

What do Viking symbols mean?
In the Viking Age, symbols from Norse mythology were believed to have great power. Some Viking symbols are still shrouded in mystery as their meaning has been lost over time. However, historians have deciphered the meaning of many of these ancient symbols used by the Vikings.

Some of the most famous Norse Viking symbols include the Helm of Terror (Ægihjálmr in Old Norse), symbolizing victory and protection, the Viking Compass (Vegvísir), which is a symbol of guidance and protection for travellers, and the Troll Cross, which protects against trolls, Elves and the forces of darkness and Mjölnir, representing Thor’s hammer and the gods’ dominion over natural forces such as lightning.

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