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History of tourism in Norway

Finding great new travel destinations is easy these days with so many great photos and videos being posted online. However, historically it was harder to discover new travel destinations and many international travelers were unaware of what Norway had to offer as a travel destination. Tourists first came to Norway in the 1820s and 1830s, but the country was unprepared for tourism due to limited accommodation options. This quickly began to change as Norway experienced an increasing influx of travelers in the late 19th century and the country began to place more emphasis on hospitality and travel experiences for tourists.

The historic travel agency Thomas Cook created the Route of Discovery in 1880 and it was the first package tour sold in Fjord Norway.The first explorers to walk Norway’s discovery trail at that time traveled by horse and carriage overland and by steamboat through the country’s many fjords and lakes. Wealthy English made up the largest group of early Norway tourists, as did Germans drawn by the hiking and hiking opportunities in the spectacular Norwegian mountains, as well as fishing and hunting.

Word spread quickly and tourists flocked to Norway to experience the beautiful nature and unforgettable outdoor experiences the country has to offer. In fact, the famous writer and explorer E.J.Goodman called the Discovery Route “Norway’s finest tour” after traveling it in the 1890s. Oslo and Bergen were not as popular travel destinations as they are today: they were mostly transit destinations and had few attractions to attract tourists. Landscapes and nature experiences have attracted travelers. Norway’s spectacular natural beauty has captivated visitors who are fascinated by the extraordinary landscapes: high mountains, narrow fjords, waterfalls and mysterious natural wonders like the midnight sun and the northern lights.

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