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Yo-Yo Ma shares what he’s learned from indigenous peoples and national parks

He recently performed at Mammoth Cave with the Louisville Orchestra and the Louisville Chamber Choir. His latest project, Our Common Nature, took him to national parks like Acadia and the Great Smoky Mountains, where he could play and socialize with other people who care about the earth, including indigenous peoples whose ancestors ruled these lands.

“When I went to the Grand Canyon, they told me, ‘Don’t play music on it. Play Mother Canyon. #039; Wow.’What a concept right? Ma told Eve Chen, USA Today’s consumer travel columnist. “Expands your consciousness.”

He shared what he was and what he had learned in an honest conversation about 5 things, in which he also recalled unforgettable moments of his rich career.

Music and nature lovers can catch Yo-Yo Ma live at the presentation of Our Common Nature: An Appalachian Celebration on May 26 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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